I am happy to receive new enquiries about providing sports photographic service and reach out to sports clubs who are looking for an occasional photographer.
My main area of operation are East Midlands and South Midlands.
The service I provide.
1.  Sports Event Photographic Team.
Photography of sports match/event aiming to document event and capture peek of action shots.
2.  Sports Training Photographic Session
Provide photographic services during an individual or team training session including team, group or individual profile pictures as required.
3.  Sports Event Individual
Photography of sports match aiming to capture the individual players participation and action during the event.

4. Team and Player Profile Photoshoot
Capturing formal and informal Team Photos and Player Profile photos.

5. Sports Club Presentation Photography
Capturing presentation of awards and associated activities during a sports club presentation event.
Photos are delivered via a Client Album and produced good for social media and viewing through phone and computer.  Prints, high definition photos and framed photos may be ordered on request.  
**New**  I can also provide a small number of 6"x4" photo prints during/following most events (particularly Presentation Events) please enquire with me if you would like this service included. 
Service delivery targets
A selection of 5-10 key moment photos from the action.  Within 24 hours of event completion.  On request these can be provided within 1 hour of event completion.
A presentation album of photos from the event (usually at least 100 images) within 7 days of event completion.
Please join my mailing list and I will send you information on the prices of the above services.  
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